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DIALOGUE  WITH  A  GIANT                               195
This is, of course, due to the strength and persistence of Congress
propaganda, backed by Hindu big business. The Hindus have
almost a monopoly of propaganda. By subtle and persistent sug-
gestion they have managed to persuade the world that they are
'India,' and that any attempt to divide 'India5 is a wicked 'plot
on the part of the British, acting on the well-established principle
of divide and rule.5
Most liberals of the West have fallen for this propaganda, hook,
line, and sinker. Consequently we have the extraordinary spec-
tacle of 'advanced5 British politicians rising to their feet in the
House of Commons, and solemnly and sincerely pleading the
cause of Indian 'Unity5 in the joint cause of Indian independenceó
sublimely ignorant of the fact that their insistence on this so-called
'uniLv' is the one and only thing that keeps the British in the
saddle !
Unite and Rule.
Divide and Quit.
Those words should be prominent on the desks of all those who
Coffer their opinions on India and her problems.
And even more remarkable aspect of the success of Congress
propaganda is that itthas been accepted by vast bodies of men and
women who really are genuinely disturbed by the grievances of
oppressed minorities in any other part of the world but India. They
will call urgent committee meetings to discuss a fancies slight to
the Slovaks, they drive themselves nearly crazy worrying over the
Hungarians in Roumama or the Austrians in Northern Italy, but
they remain completely apathetic to the wrongs of 100 million
Muslims, whose claims to nationality and independence are far
more ancient and far more urgent. If these people were not so
obviously sincere, they might well be accused of perfidious
Albiomsm on a scale almost unparalleled in history.
I wish that there were space to speculate on the probable
results to the world of the adoption, by the British Government,
of the policy of 'Divide and Quit/ I myself believe that it would
be salutary not only for India,, but for Britain and all mankind.
fcji^ would be a natural step forward in che March of Time. It
would cleanse the world's bosom of much perilous stuff. And if
it were done quickly, cleanly, and without compromise, it might